Beat the Holiday Shipping Rush

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Stock Up for Holiday Season

  • Sending a holiday gift to your clients is a great way to strengthen your business relationships.
  • We have shipping supplies in quantities to fit any size business, with no hidden fees.
  • Buy shipping supplies early.
    • Estimate the amounts of boxes, void fill, tape, and other materials you’ll need for the season, and stock up now so you won’t scramble later.
  • Double-check the cutoff date.
    • Between November 26 and December 30 of 2022, the USPS accepted 11.7 billion pieces of mail and packages. Check the cutoff dates to make sure your shipments make it on time.
  • Don’t waste time waiting in lines.
    • Fill out mailing labels online and schedule a pickup by your shipping service.
  • Keep up to date for peace of mind.
    • Sign up for text alerts from your shipping service so you know when your shipments arrive or if there are any delays.
  • And don’t forget, Staples offers shipping!
Holiday Shipping supplies and services vary. Check with the store for more information.
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