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  • It’s no surprise, the way we get work done has changed … forever.
  • But one thing hasn’t changed: the work still needs to get done.
  • We can help with the curated products and expertise you need to get the job done right every time.
  • See all of our Work Merchandise here, then shop in-store for what fits your needs.
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About Staples
We’ve expanded our product assortment and made shopping and saving easier than ever.
A Promise to Our Customers
Our customers are busier than ever, with bigger dreams and more to-do lists. They work in hospitals and retail stores, on construction sites and school campuses, at home and on the go. They need everything from office supplies to technology to power tools.
No matter what they need, what business they’re in or what they want to do, we’re here to help them get more done.
We make it easy to make more happen.
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We have every product businesses need to make more happen, no matter what business they’re in — and we’re adding thousands more products online every day.