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Create an Outdoor Oasis

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BBQ Grill, Wood, and Chair

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About P.C. Richard & Son
Pieter Christian Richard (“P.C.”) was born in Amsterdam, Holland in 1880. On May 31, 1899, at 18 years old, he stepped off a 4,500-ton steamship and walked down the gangway to settle in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, NY in pursuit of the American Dream. After earning some money by delivering milk by horse and buggy, P.C. was able to start a part-time home repair business of his own in Bensonhurst. The business grew so quickly that P.C. leveraged it into his own hardware store in 1909. On October 11 of that same year, P.C. and his wife Odeila joyfully welcomed a new addition to their family: A.J. Richard, the “Son” in P.C. Richard & Son. A.J. grew up in the business. In fact, it’s often said that A.J. was “born to sell” as he always had a deep passion for customer service. He spent time with his dad in the store at the age of four, and by the time he was seven, waited on customers after school and became an all-round hardware clerk. It’s not surprising that he would later build the rock-solid foundation of P.C. Richard & Son. A.J. developed the basis of our motto, “We Service What We Sell,” during the Golden Age of Radio. In 1929, A.J. began stocking the hardware store with every available model of Zenith five-tube radios. These early radios were temperamental, and not many owners knew how to fix them when they had glitches. Factory service on radios and other home electronics was not good at the time, so A.J. made sure to learn the ins and outs of radio technology. He taught himself how to troubleshoot and repair the products he sold, and customers found reassurance in knowing they could call on him for help.
We quickly became known for standing behind our products by servicing what we sell, a unique aspect of our company. A.J. taught us the importance of remaining aware of our customers’ needs and delivering exceptional service – a tradition we continue to uphold.