Turning Point

Winter Menu

Available for a limited time

Enjoy Winter Warmth with our New Menu Options

  • Our Winter Menu is here!
  • Savor these dishes that will warm you all over.
  • Southern Comfort Crumb Cakes
    • Cinnamon swirl pancakes topped with homemade whiskey sauce, cinnamon roasted apples & crumb cake crumbles.
  • Warm Winter Hash
    • A skillet of seasoned potatoes, caramelized onions, chicken sausage, pomegranate seeds & goat cheese topped with two eggs your way.
    • Served with citrus dressed mixed greens.
  • Dixie Benedict
    • Sweet cornbread, diced pork sausage, cinnamon roasted apples & caramelized onions.
    • Topped with 2 poached eggs and honey Sriracha hollandaise.
    • Served with citrus dressed mixed greens or morning potatoes.
  • Power Up Grains Bowl
    • A warm generous bowl of quinoa, micro split pea, black bean & lentils.
    • Fresh sautéed zucchini, mushrooms, green peppers & baby spinach topped with avocado & pickled onions.
    • Served with citrus dressed mixed greens & a side of salsa.
  • Pick Your Protein (choice of one)
    • 3 eggs your way
    • Lean chicken breast
    • Sautéed shrimp
    • Keep it Vegan with JUST Egg®
  • The Toasty Goat
    • Thick multigrain toast topped with goat cheese, cinnamon roasted apples, pomegranate seeds, candied walnuts & honey drizzle.
  • Come in and get warmed up today!
Our Winter Menu is available for a limited time. Visit the restaurant for more details.
The Turning Point breakfast, brunch, and lunch started in 1998 in Little Silver, New Jersey. We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality and freshest daytime meals in the area. Every menu item we sell is made from ‘scratch’: soups, dressings, salsa, etc. We crack hundreds of eggs a day because we know it’s the best thing for our customers. Every item on our menu is cooked to order… to your requests. We will make it how you like, just give us a little time. Our philosophy is “fresh is always best”.
The atmosphere at our restaurants is comfortable and relaxing. We apply the same principles of a nighttime restaurant to our daytime breakfast and lunch establishments. Our restaurants’ interiors are decorated tastefully with natural wood floors, bright traditional colors, and real plants, creating a pleasant dining room. The staff is committed to providing a 100% satisfied dining experience and we are committed to hiring friendly people that are enthusiastic about taking care of our valued guests.